How We Doubled Revenues for an eCommerce Fashion Boutique 
When ShopMiva first approached us they were unable to gain traction and positive returns from their existing website and social traffic channels. With an environmentally conscious brand and product line for the conscientious female consumer,  we turned things around to help them scale up. Here's how. 

The Problem 

Miva had been depending on local foot traffic, driving sales mostly through email marketing, and organic leads, not experiencing a positive return or business growth.  Miva reached out to Summit to discuss our involvement in turning the Facebook Media Buying, and eCommerce Marketing activities around. A large part of the issue was that Miva could not utilize the sales channels they had in place due to being denied access. Miva had applied for Instagram product tagging 10 months prior to working with us and was denied, unable to access this main traffic resource to boost sales.  

The Solution 

Selling sustainable fashion and jewelry to the US market, we first ran a full audit on the brand to asses the health of its online assets. 

Through this process, we were able to instantly identify areas for improvement, and where to begin our efforts to build traffic resources that would improve paid ad campaigns moving forward. 

We were able to drive more foot traffic, sell more products and attract new buyers by expanding the brand digitally, using the client's email list and position paid campaigns that her target audience would see and convert from.
Two months into working with them, we managed to scale revenues to over $15k per month, resulting in just shy of 
$60K in total sales in our time together.

The Result

Miva is set up for future sales and marketing success. We helped the owner set up her Shopify storefront to generate more online sales, established solid resource channels to drive consistent sales traffic and set her up with a new email marketing system and process. Today, they are consistently making sales across the US and are looking to roll out consistent paid ad campaigns to scale the shop.

Services We Offered 

Our involvement included:  

- Commerce Manager and Catalog Set-up in Facebook
- Creation of Facebook Shop
- Instagram Product Tagging Approval and Instagram Shop Set-up
- Shopify Website SEO Implementation and Shop the Look pages to Increase Sales
- Email Marketing Platform Set-Up and strategy
- Facebook Pinterest and Instagram traffic strategy, campaign launch and management

We help eCommerce store owners create streams of social traffic to make more sales and increase revenues. Get in touch today to find out if we can help your business.
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